The ingeniousness with which the Egyptians manufactured their rings and bracelets, the virtuous craftsmanship with which brooches and necklaces were created in the Middle Ages, and the jewelry trends of modern times - all these are things you can see in the museum of jewelry in Pforzheim, which is unrivalled all over the world. With its precious exhibits, it provides a vivid insight into five thousand years of jewelry manufacturing! For good reasons, the city is proud of this museum, since it is the one and only place all over the world that holds such a large and precious collection of jewelry that deals so comprehensively with the history of jewelry.

Since we also wish to arouse the interest of your children, we have created a special children’s department in our jewelry museum, in which we take them on a fascinating journey through thousands of years of jewelry history, during which they may even touch and put on our exhibits. There are also various workshops in which they can make jewelry themselves!