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  • few clouds: 11-25%22 °C
    few clouds: 11-25%
    22 °Cmin: 20 °C
    max: 24 °C
    few clouds: 11-25%Rain Volume : 0 mm
    Clouds : 12 %
    Pressure : 1014 hPa
    Wind Speed : 2 m/s from East
    Measure Timestamp : 18.09.2021 - 15:36
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Come and see Pforzheim

When margrave Karl Friedrich von Baden founded the manufactory of jewelry and watches about 240 years ago, he laid the basis for the development of a small town to a city and a center of jewelry and watch industry with global reputation.

In the course of the past centuries, national and foreign goldsmiths established locations in this place, where in former times people worked with saws and hammers, bent their products into shape and did soldering work, and the continuous development of high-precision technologies gave the impulse for the creation of an advanced jewelry center that is unrivaled throughout the whole world and does a great performance not only in business but in various fields!