Welcome to Pforzheim!

Connected to the Black Forest and encompassed by the Kraichgau and Stromberg regions, Pforzheim is situated in a scenic location. At the confluence of the three rivers Enz, Nagold and Würm, it is also known as the three-valley city, offering much in the way of recreation. As gateway to the Black Forest, Pforzheim is also an ideal starting point for hikers and cyclists.

No other town in Germany is so closely linked to the history of the jewellery and watchmaking industry as the “Golden City” of Pforzheim. Here you can experience the world of jewellery at first hand, for example in Pforzheim’s jewellery museum in the Reuchlinhaus. What is more, Pforzheim offers its visitors further cultural attractions and highlights, such as the 360° panorama in the old gasometer.

Set off on a tour of discovery and get to know Pforzheim with all its characteristic and endearing facets. Follow our guides through the city centre or visit one of our many sights of interest.

Did you know?

Pforzheim is in the state of Baden-Württemberg and was called ‘Portus’ (Latin: port/ford) by the Romans. The city is located on the northern edge of the Schwarzwald, at the confluence of the Enz, Nagold and Würm rivers.

In the 18th century, Pforzheim became home to a jewellery and watch-making industry that became famous around the world, and, for this reason, it became known as the ‘Golden City’, or the city of gold, jewellery and watches.

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