European Week

A fixed point each year is the European Week in early May. Many event throughout Germany take place around the Europe Day 9th May. Europe commemorates the 9th May 1950. Robert Schuman, the French Foreign Minister, submitted that day his proposal for a United Europe as an indispensable perequisite for the maintenance of peacful relations. This proposal, which became known as the *Schuman declaration*, is considered the cornerstone of todays European Union.

European competition

Creative learning to help explore and shape Europe - that is the goal of the European competition.

With over 70 000 participants at 1000 schools nationwide, it is not only the oldest but also one of the most prestigious student competitions in Germany.

Thematically, the European competition is oriented on the European Year. For more information on the annual theme and the order of events please click here:

The Department for Europe and twinning organizes various events, exhibitions and receptions in the framework of international cooperation throughout the year. For details, see current topics.