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Professional recognition

For professional qualifications that you have acquired abroad, you can have a binding determination made in Germany as to whether your qualification is equivalent to a German professional qualification.

The competent authorities compare the foreign professional qualification with a German one. They take formal criteria such as the content and duration of the training into account during the examination.

This is currently possible for 325 state-recognised dual training occupations.

Recognition is mandatory for regulated occupations. Only then are you allowed to work in one of these occupations in Germany. Regulated professions are professions whose access and exercise are linked to proof of a qualification.

Note: The Stuttgart Regional Council carries out the assessment procedure for the following professions at the Certificate Recognition Office (Referat 71):

  • Nursery school teachers
  • Kinderpfleger and Kinderpflegerinnen
  • Sports instructors in the liberal professions
  • Social education assistants
  • Gymnastics and sports teachers Freelancegymnastics teachers
  • Sports teachers in the liberal professions.

The Landesprüfungsamt und Anerkennungsstelle für Gesundheitsberufe Landesgesundheitsamt (Referat 95) is responsible for the assessment procedure for health and care professions as well as social professions. the assessment procedure is alsocarried out for geriatric nurses and geriatric nurses, as well as for other medical professions.

The Regional Council of Tübingen conducts the assessment procedure for teachers.

You can apply for authorisation to use the professional title of engineer at the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Engineers.

Release note

03.06.2022 Regional Council Stuttgart