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Moving House

The removal cartons are full, the furniture has been gathered and packed, the removal van has been ordered and still you have the impression that you have forgotten something important?

Should you move house but retain your old place of residence, you need to declare which is your primary abode.

All information refers to the change of your principal place of residence. The principal place of residence cannot be freely chosen. Rather the principal place of residence is that which is primarily used and where you actually stay the most compared to one or more other places of residence.

Should you be married and not permanently live separately from your family, your primary place of residence is that which is primarily used by your family. The same applies to registered civil partnerships.

The primary place of residence of minors is that which is normally used by their parents or guardians.

In cases of doubt, the place where your life relationships are primarily based is your principal place of residence. Any additional place of residence in Germany is deemed to be a secondary (or second) place of residence.