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Changes in your Address

In this section you will find information on which authorities and offices you will have to notify your new address, or in which identity documents you will have to update your address.

There is a legal requirement to change your address especially in your identity card, passport (only if moving to another municipality) and vehicle registration certificate (Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I previously called Fahrzeugschein).

In addition, we recommend notifying your change in address also to the listed authorities and offices:

  • Banks
    You have to inform your bank of the change in address.
    • If you move within a municipality, then register at the new branch. Your bank will then take care of the rest.
    • If you move to another municipality and remain at the same bank, then inform your old branch of the change of town. Most banks offer a service to transfer your account.
    • If you change your bank, cancel your account and your credit card in good time (so that you receive the final invoice on time). Inform your employer and all other authorities from whom you expect payments of the new bank details and inform the offices where you have standing orders and direct debit authorisations of your new bank details.
  • Employer
    If possible, you have to notify your employer of a change in address immediately. Ask your employer whether you are entitled to special leave for the move.
  • Employment agency
    Are you receiving child benefit? The Federal Employment Agency has put a form "Notification of Change"("Veränderungsmitteilung") in the internet for this case. You can fill in the form on the PC, print it out, sign it and send it to the institution responsible for paying child benefit (Familienkasse) at the employment agency.
  • Insurances
    Inform the insurance companies in good time that you will be moving house. In most cases an informal letter notifying your new address is adequate. Ask your insurance, if the insurance cover of your household insurance is transferred to your new house for the duration of the move and whether during the move you have insurance cover in both houses. The insurance cover has to be adapted to your new house. In some areas, it is advisable to conclude an insurance for fire and/or floods.
  • Memberships in Clubs
    Are you a member in a club, don’t forget to notify them of your new address. If you want to terminate your membership, then take note of any existing periods of notice.
  • Subscriptions
    Inform the relevant newspaper and magazine publishers in good time of your change in address or cancel your subscription.

Release note

The German original version of this text was drafted in close cooperation with the relevant departments. The Innenministerium released it on 11.11.2016. Only the German text is legally binding. The Federal State does not assume any liability for the translated texts.

In cases of doubt or if you have any questions or problems, please contact the relevant authorities directly.