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Changing a course of study or study location and changes during the study programme

Changing a course or field of study or study location must be well planned.

It is essential to check when changing a course of study whether your previous course can be taken into account. You need to contact your desired university of choice. The general study and course guidance that they offer will help you further with answering the following questions:

  • Will my achievements be taken into account?
  • How do I need to apply for the new course?
  • Is it a restricted-admission course - even in advanced semesters?
  • What is the application deadline?
  • Who recognises the previous examination achievements?
  • What documents are needed for this recognition?

The questions are similar when changing a study location - the same course, but at a different location. You should also contact the advisory centres in this case to obtain clarification of the questions above.

Attention: If you are on a restricted-admission course or have obtained your university place through the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung (Foundation for University Admissions), changing your study location is not straightforward. You can look for a suitable exchange partner on the platform of the Verein für studentische Belange (Association for Student Issues) to change your university place and find further information and tips about this.

It is only possible to change your university place with the agreement of the university.

Note: If you receive the BAFöG state funding for students, you need to initially enquire if changing your field or course of study will be detrimental for you. You can obtain further information on the effects of changing your course or study location at the relevant Office for Education and Training.

Foreign students must take specific rules into consideration when changing their field of study.

Students need to inform the university about various changes:

  • Change of name, address and nationality
  • Accepting a service, employment or training contract during your study programme that will have an adverse affect on the latter

Release note

The German original version of this text was drafted in close cooperation with the relevant departments. The Wissenschaftsministerium released it on 11.03.2019. Only the German text is legally binding. The Federal State does not assume any liability for the translated texts.

In cases of doubt or if you have any questions or problems, please contact the relevant authorities directly.