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Housing Benefit - Permit for Subsidised Housing

Rent allowance

You can receive rent allowance as a rent subsidy or state benefit.

If you are already receiving the rent allowance, you need to bear the following in mind when you move house:

  • You must inform the authority which provided the rent allowance of your move immediately. You must repay any excess rent allowance which has been paid.
  • Your rent allowance claim for the previous place of residence will be forfeited. You should submit an application for the new place of residence immediately. This is important in order for you to continue to receive the rent allowance without interruption, provided that you continue to meet the requirements.

Permit for subsidised housing

A permit for subsidised housing is necessary in order for you to be able to move into social housing. Therefore, you do not have a claim to such a place of residence.

A permit for subsidised housing is valid for a maximum of one year. Should you not move into social housing until after this time, you need to apply for and receive a new permit for subsidised housing.

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