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Professional title for freelancers

Certain professional titles from the catalogue professions are protected by statutory regulations. These professional titles may only be used by persons, who meet specific requirements. Legally protected professional titles are for example:

  • Architect
    The professional title "Architect" may only be used by those persons who are registered in the list of architects at the Architectural Association.
  • Doctor
    Only persons, who can prove that they have the license to practice as a doctor or who are authorised temporarily due to their having a permit to exercise the profession, may be called "Doctor". Doctors, who are authorized to exercise the profession as citizens of the European Union (EU) or by virtue of an inter-governmental agreement, may also use the professional title in Germany.
  • Engineers/Consulting Engineers
    The title “engineer” is held by individuals who have completed a technical or scientific course of study over a standard period of at least six semesters at a state or state-recognised university or have received authorisation from Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Engineers to use this title. The professional title “consulting engineer” may only be used by individuals registered on the Chamber of Engineers list.
  • Lawyer
    The professional title "Lawyer" may only be used by persons, who provide evidence that they are qualified to hold judicial office or who meet the requirements on integration in accordance with the law regulating the activity of European lawyers in Germany, or who have passed the corresponding qualifying examination. In addition, they have to be admitted to a Bar Association.
  • Tax Consultants/Tax Agents
    Only persons, who have passed the corresponding examinations or were exempted from this examination and were appointed by the Chamber of Tax Consultants, may call themselves "Tax Consultants" and "Tax Agents".
  • Auditor
    The professional title "Auditor" may only be used by someone who has passed the exam as an "Auditor" and has been appointed by the Chamber of Auditors.

Release note

The German original version of this text was drafted in close cooperation with the relevant departments. The Wirtschaftsministerium released it on 28.01.2020. Only the German text is legally binding. The Federal State does not assume any liability for the translated texts. In cases of doubt or if you have any questions or problems, please contact the relevant authorities directly.