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Information concerning rent allowance and accommodation entitlement certificate for students

Rent allowance

Should you be entitled to benefits for the purpose of higher education under BAföG due to your personal position, you are not entitled to rent allowance. This also applies if you are not entitled to BAföG because you exceed the maximum income threshold or if you have been granted BAföG after submitting an application.

Should you not be entitled to BAföG benefits due to your personal position, for example due to exceeding the regular duration of your course of study or the maximum age limit, you can apply for rent allowance. The prerequisite for this is that the place of residence for which you are applying for the rent allowance is the place where you maintain your household. This is determined in accordance with your concrete living position (for example principal place of residence as an indicator of your household).

Permit for subsidised housing

The permit for subsidised housing is required in order to obtain social housing. Therefore, you do not have a claim to such a place of residence.

Tip: Information concerning rent allowance can be obtained from the rent allowance authorities of the rural districts, cities and major cities. Information concerning the permit for subsidised housing can be obtained from the local districts.

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