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Report home birth to the registry office

If you gave birth to your child at home, you must notify the registry office of the birth.


A home birth took place and you

  • are the mother,
  • are entitled to custody as the father of the child,
  • were present at the birth as a midwife, doctor or physician, or
  • are another person and know about it.

Responsible department

the registry office of the place of birth


You must appear in person at the registry office of the place of birth.

The birth will be registered there.

After the birth has been registered, you will receive a birth certificate if the child's name has already been determined, otherwise a birth certificate.


within one week after the birth

As the mother, you do not have to report the birth until you are able to do so.

Note: If the child's first names or surname have not yet been determined when you report the birth, you must subsequently report them to the registry office within one month.

Required documents

  • medical certificate or certificate of the midwife about the birth
  • Identity card or passport of the parents (or a recognised passport substitute)
  • if the parents are married: additionally
    • certified printout from the marriage register or
    • Birth certificates and the marriage certificate of the parents
  • if the mother is single: additionally
    • Birth certificate of the mother
  • if the mother is divorced or widowed: additionally
    • certified printout from the marriage register or
    • Birth certificate and marriage certificate of the mother and divorce decree or death certificate
  • if the parents are not married and paternity has already been acknowledged or is to be acknowledged before the birth is notarised: additionally
    • certified copy of the father's declaration of recognition
    • certified copy of the mother's declaration of consent
    • in the case of an unmarried father: birth certificate
    • in the case of a father who is or was married: birth certificate and marriage certificate (and divorce decree, if applicable) or extract from the marriage register
  • in the case of foreign parents: additionally
    • Proof of residence title to prove the acquisition of German citizenship for the child

Note: The registry office may request further documents if this is necessary to prove information.


The certification of the birth is free of charge.

You will receive three birth certificates once. With these you can apply for

  • Parental allowance
  • Child benefit
  • Maternity benefit

Each additional birth certificate, for example for the family register or for religious purposes, costs 12.00 euros.


The registry office informs the registration office about the birth of your child.

Have you lost a birth certificate or do you need a certified copy of the birth register?

You must apply for this at the registry office for a fee.



Release note

23.05.2024; Innenministerium Baden-Württemberg