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Report change of residence within the same city or municipality

If you move within your city or municipality, you must inform your city or municipality of your new address.

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You move within the same municipality (town or city).

Responsible department

the registration office of your place of residence

The registration authority is

  • the municipality/town administration of your place of residence or
  • the administrative community or the municipality that performs the duties of the registration authority for your municipality of residence.


To change your registration, you usually have to appear in person at the registration office. The registration office will record your new data and provide you with a printout of the data. You confirm the accuracy and completeness of your data by signing the printout.

Tip: You can also re-register your family members if

  • they have lived in the same flat as you up to now, and
  • they are moving with you.


You must re-register within two weeks of moving.

Required documents

The competent body may require you to submit documents that serve as proof of the information provided. These may be, for example:

  • Identity card or passport
  • Marriage or partnership certificate, divorce decree
  • Identity cards of family members
    For children who do not have a children's passport, you must bring a birth certificate.
  • Certificate of the person giving you residence

Tip: You can update the address on your identity card at the same time as you re-register in your town or municipality.


Within the specified period, usually free of charge. However, depending on a local fee statute, a processing fee may be charged in individual cases.

Processing time

Processing usually immediately on site


Your landlord is obliged to confirm your move into the new flat in writing. Submit certificates from the landlord to the registration office. The confirmation of the landlord is also possible electronically. In this case, you will receive an assignment feature which is used to confirm the housing provider.

You will receive a confirmation of the re-registration for your records.



Release note

25.01.2023; Innenministerium Baden-Württemberg