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Appoint company representatives for immission control

Operators of certain installations subject to licensing must appoint one or more immission control officers.

In Annex I of the Ordinance on Immission Control and Major Accidents Officers (5th BImSchV), you will find a list of the installations to which this obligation applies.

You must inform your immission control authority of the appointment.

Themost important tasks of immission control officers include:

  • Advising the operator and plant employees on immission control issues
  • Encouraging the introduction of environmentally friendly processes and products and assisting in their introduction by means of expert opinions
  • Monitoring compliance with legal regulations on immission control (e.g. by inspecting installations and carrying out measurements)
  • Informing employees about harmful effects on the environment emanating from the facilities, as well as the measures taken against them and the obligations under immission control legislation
  • annual reporting to the operator on the measures taken and intended


Requirements for immission control officers are:

  • Possession of the required technical knowledge through
    • University degree in the field of engineering, chemistry or physics
    • Participation in one or more recognised training courses and
    • at least two years of practical experience in dealing with installations
  • Required reliability

The competent authority may grant exemptions from certain requirements upon application.

Responsible department

the immission control authority

The immission control authority is

  • if your place of business is in a rural district: the district administration office
  • if your place of business is in an urban district: the municipal authority
  • the regional council, if
    • there is at least one installation in accordance with Annex I to Directive 2010/75/EU on your premises, or
    • the business is subject to the Major Accidents Ordinance


You must first inform the works council or staff council of the impending appointment. You must record the appointment in writing and describe the duties of the immission control officer in detail.

You must then notify the competent body of the appointment. This also applies to any changes in the scope of duties and the dismissal of the appointed persons.

You must also support your immission control officers in their duties as necessary. Examples:

  • Provide auxiliary staff, rooms, facilities and equipment; and
  • enable participation in training courses.



You must immediately notify the competent authority of the appointment of an immission control officer.

Required documents

Exact description of the tasks


The costs are based on the training and further education events. These are partly sector-specific and conditioned by the free market.


If several immission control officers are appointed in a company, you must coordinate the tasks. This also includes the formation of an environmental protection committee.

You must include company officers appointed according to other legal regulations in the coordination.