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Request a driving licence

You will receive your first driving licence on probation. The probationary period lasts two years. It is extended by a further two years if you havetotake part in a remedial seminar.

For categories A, A1, A2, AM, B, BE, L and T, you will receive an unlimited driving licence.

Driving licences for categories C1, C1E, C, CE, D, D1, DE and D1E are limited to five years. Driving licences for categories C1 and C1E issued by 27 December 2016 are valid until the age limit of 50 years. You can have these classes renewed for five years at a time. However, you can onlyhavecategories D, D1, DE and D1E extended beyond the age limit of 50 ifyou prove that youmeetthe "specialrequirements" (e.g. ability to concentrate, orientation performance or resilience).

Attention: Card driver's licences issued from 19 January 2013 onwardsiare limited to 15 years. The time limit only applies to the plastic card. It must be renewed every 15 years. Regular medical examinations or other tests are not associated with the exchange of documents.

Related forms and processes


You will receive the driving licence for the respective class if you

  • Have your place of residence in Germany
  • have reached the required minimum age:
    • 24 years for categories A (direct access), D and DE,
    • 21 years for categories C, CE, D1 or D1E and for three-wheeled motor vehicles with a power exceeding 15 kW,
    • 20 years for category A with a previous possession of category A2 of at least 2 years,
    • 18 years for category A2 and for categories B, BE, C1 or C1E, and
    • 16 years for categories A1, AM, L and T
  • are qualified to drive motor vehicles
  • have been trained to drive motor vehicles in accordance with the Driving Instructor Act and the legislation based thereon,
  • have demonstrated their ability to drive motor vehicles in a theoretical and practical test,
  • have taken part in first aid training, and
  • do not hold a driving licence for these categories issued in another EU/EEA state.

Responsible department

the driving licence office in your place of residence

Is the driving licence office,

  • if you live in a city district: the city council
  • if you live in a rural district: the Landratsamt (district administration office)


You can submit the application at the earliest six months before reaching the minimum age prescribed for the respective driving licence class.

You must submit the application to the driving licence office in your place of residence in writing or, if offered by the competent authority, as an online application. If you apply in writing, you can obtain the application form from the driving licence office. You can also submit the written application there, including the required proofs and documents. In most cases, the driving school you have registered with will submit the application for you.

For the online application, please use the link on this page. You can upload the required evidence and documents as file attachments as part of the online application.

Notice: You can also submit the application to your municipality of residence; the municipal administration will then forward the documents to the competent office.

After passing the test, you will receive a card driving licence ("EU driving licence").

For an extra fee, you can order an express order beanorder. This shortens the waiting time for your new driving licence. For more information, please contact your local authority.


You must successfully pass the theoretical test within twelve months of receipt of your test order by the Technical Inspection Agency. Otherwise, the test order will expire.

The same applies if you do not pass the practical test within twelve months of successfully passing the theoretical test. After the test order has expired, you must submit a new application for a driving licence.

Required documents

for driving licence classes A, A1, A2, AM, B, BE, L and T:

  • Identity card or passport
  • a biometric passport photo
  • Eye test certificate (not older than two years)
  • Proof of training in first aid

additionally for driving licence classes C, CE, C1, C1E, D, DE, D1, D1E:

  • Certificate on eyesight (not older than two years)
  • medical certificate on physical and mental fitness (not older than one year)
  • for categories D, DE, D1 and D1E additionally: certificate of good conduct
  • for categories D and D1, the competent authority may require further documents, e.g. a medical-psychological certificate


  • if a probationary driving licence is issued: EUR 44.70
  • if a driving licence is issued without a probationary period (categories AM, L, T): EUR 43.90
  • when applying to the municipality: additional EUR 5.10

There are additional costs for obtaining a certificate of good conduct.


Young people can obtain a driving licence for categories B and BE (passenger cars) before they are 18 years old. Information on this can be found under"Accompanied driving from 17".



Information on how to lodge an objection (form and deadline) can be obtained from the relevant office (driving licence office in your place of residence)

Release note

08.12.2023 Verkehrsministerium Baden-Württemberg