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Deregister residence

You must deregister with the registration office if you

  • move abroad or
  • give up one of your residences (e.g. a secondary residence) without moving into a new residence at the same time.

If you give up your secondary residence without moving into a new residence at the same time, you must notify the registration office responsible for your main residence.

You do not have to deregister if you move within Germany. It is sufficient to register with your new municipality. The new municipality will inform the former municipality that you have moved.

Related forms and processes


  • Move or
  • Abandonment

Responsible department

the registration office

The registration authority is

  • the municipality/town administration of your place of residence or
  • the administrative community or the municipality that performs the duties of the registration authority for your municipality of residence.


To deregister, you usually have to appear in person at the registration office. The registration office will record your new data and provide you with a printout of the data. You confirm the accuracy and completeness of your data by signing the printout.

Tip:You can register yourFamily membersnwho have lived in the same flat and are moving, also deregister.


You must deregister within two weeks. Deregistration is possible at the earliest one week before moving out.

Required documents

The registration office may request further documents from you. These are usually:

  • Identity card or passport
  • Identity cards of family members: For children who do not have a child passport, bring the birth certificate.



Processing time

Processing usually takes place immediately on site


After deregistration, you will receive a confirmation for your records.



Release note

25.01.2023; Innenministerium Baden-Württemberg