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Show handling of airbag or pretensioner units

Do you handle airbag or belt pretensioner units of category P1 in your commercial activity without igniting them outside the vehicle?

Forexample, the installation and removal in vehicle workshops or the ignition of airbag and belt tensioner units in the vehicle in recycling companies for end-of-life vehicles?

If the handling is carried out by trained personnel, you do not need an explosives licence. However, you must report the first handling of airbag or seatbelt tensioner units in your business.


They may handle airbag or belt tensioner units without a permit under the following conditions:

  • Your company has trained personnel.
    The employees concerned have the necessary soso-called "restricted technical knowledge". To this end, they have attended a relevant training course, for example provided by a car manufacturer or a chamber of comsfree handling of airbag and seatbelt pretensioner unitsesought.
  • You do not trigger the airbag or belt tensioner units when they are removed, i.e. you do not ignite them.
  • You store the airbag and belt pretensioner units in accordance with the requirements of the explosives regulations, in particular those of , .
  • You comply with the quantity thresholds for permit-free storage in accordance with Annex 6 to the Appendix to the Second Ordinance to the Explosives Act:
    • in the working area: a maximum of 10 kilograms net explosive mass (NEM)
    • in the storage room: a maximum of 10 kilograms net explosive mass (NEM)
    • in a storage room in a non-residential building (F30 walls and T30 doors): maximum 100 kilograms net explosive mass (NEM)

      Note: The net explosive mass content is printed on each airbag or seatbelt pretensioner unit or in the manufacturer's instructions for use.

Responsible department

in Baden-Württemberg: the district police authority

District police authority is, depending on the location of your place of business:

  • in large district towns: the municipal administration
  • otherwise the district office

Note: The competent authorities under explosives law are regulated differently in each federal state. Please consult the website of the respective federal state for more information.

Standard port

Enter the name of the municipality or city in which the business premises are located in the city selection.


You must make the notification in writing. Depending on what the competent authority offers, you can download a form from the internet.

If no form is offered, you can use the form "Notification according to § 14 Explosives Act - Handling of Airbag and Seatbelt Tensioner Units without a Permit" provided by the Ministry of the Environment.


You must file the complaint at least two weeks before taking up the activity.

Required documents

For proof of the limited technical knowledge of the employees: certificate of participation in a relevant training course


depending on the local statutes of your municipal or city administration, if applicable, fees for administrative expenses