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Planning permission - Apply for advertising system

If you wish to erect an advertising installation that requires authorisation, you must apply in writing for a building permit.

Advertising installations include, for example, signs, lettering, illuminated advertising and display cases. They are visible from public traffic areas.


  • This is an advertising installation with a visible area of more than 1 square metre and which is not only temporary or located in an outdoor area.
  • The project does not conflict with any public law regulations.

Further requirements may result from regulations

  • building planning law,
  • traffic law,
  • nature conservation law
  • monument law

Advertising systems are not subject to authorisation

  • in interior areas up to 1 square metre of visible surface,
  • in commercial, industrial and comparable special areas defined in the development plan. Height: up to 10 metres above the ground surface at the place of performance. The place of performance is the place where the object being advertised is manufactured (production site), offered (sales site, restaurant), stored, managed or where a service is provided for it.
  • indoors, if they are temporarily affixed or erected at the place of performance or for temporary events,
  • in connection with general elections or voting, if they are displayed or erected during the election campaign period,
  • in the form of posters,
  • at construction sites, insofar as they relate to the project,
  • such as displays and decorations in shop windows and showcases.

Advertising materials at points of sale for newspapers and magazines are also not subject to authorisation.

Responsible department

the lower building authority

Depending on the district in which you wish to erect the advertising system, the lower building authority is the municipal/city administration or the district office.


For advertising structures requiring authorisation, you must submit a application for planning permission (form) with all the necessary building documents to the relevant building authority.

The form is available in your municipality. In some municipalities, it is also available for download.



Required documents

  • other building documents (exceptions to this are possible):
    • Site plan: graphic and written part
    • Construction drawings
    • Building description
    • if required: a photo of the surroundings and confirmation of stability

Note: If the municipality itself is the building authority, you must submit the building documents in duplicate. Otherwise, the building documents must be submitted in triplicate. In the case of electronic submission, it is sufficient to submit the building application and building documents in an archivable pdf/A format.


in accordance with the statutes and ordinances of the competent authority

Processing time

depending on your individual case and the number of organisations involved


Outdoor advertising installations (advertising systems) are all localised installations that serve to announce or advertise a trade or profession and are visible from the public thoroughfare. This includes, in particular, signs, lettering, painting, illuminated advertising, showcases and pillars, boards and surfaces intended for posters or illuminated advertising.


Opposition proceedings and legal action

Legal basis

Landesbauordnung für Baden-Württemberg (LBO)

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Verfahrensverordnung zur Landesbauordnung (LBOVVO)

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Release note

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